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Reposting some old warmup sketch fan art now that I understand how Tumblr photo posts work. Dave’s Syndrome affects over 8.8% of all fictional characters. Only you can help prevent tragic outbreaks of Dave’s Syndrome.

I did a few more pieces of random fan art over the past few weeks in the hopes of figuratively unclogging my Wacom stylus.

He’s one smooth operator

Drawing of Doc Scratch doing a headspin on the checkerboard battlefield. Dave Strider watches on from a distance, arms folded sullenly against his chest. Title text underneath the two: Dave begins to regret entering the first annual Skaian breakdancing competition.

Dave’s Syndrome

You encounter the rare HOMESTUCK / BLACK BOOKS crossover joke!

Drawing of Dave Strider standing in front of the Land of Heat and Clockwork. Lava is everywhere, spewed by two distant gears. He is wearing his broken record shirt and holding a generic-looking broken sword in one hand. He waves the other in frustration. "I can't go out there! Don't they know I have Dave's Syndrome?"


Not strictly Homestuck related, but thematically so I suppose. I was watching Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and decided to sketch Guildenstern. Er, Rosencrantz. Whoever it is that Gary Oldman played.

Drawing of Guildenstern and/or Rosencrantz wearing a tricorn hat and flipping a coin. The heads side is slightly visible. The character looks concerned and befuddled.