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hey guys!! so as you all know, me and my boyfriend shannon have been together for over two years now. he’s an amazing man and works really hard to achieve the things he wants in life. lately things have been very rough for him. after recently coming out as trans*, he’s been battling daily with extreme dysphoria and other body-image related issues, and it only adds onto to his struggle with depression and anxiety. shannon wants top surgery, (a mastectomy) which is the surgical removal of the breasts. but money is an issue for him and his mother, because they can’t even afford groceries at his house. so he’s been binding his chest for 6-8 months to make his breasts less noticeable but it actually makes him more dysphoric because its just a reminder of what he has to put his body through just to look passable. if you didnt already know, binding can cause serious health risks, including lung problems, back problems, decreased blood flow to the heart, blood clots, bruising, and even broken ribs.  i care so much for him and his health and mental well-being, so it would mean the literal world if you could donate to his top surgery fund. any amount would mean so much to us. we really need your help and we really appreciate any you could give. thank you so much guys. and even if you can’t donate, reblogging this as a signal boost to spread the word would be amazing. here is the link to my blog, please click the donate button. any amount you could give would help so much.

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My 'mones shirt arrived from pupandfawn!


Rabbis David, Itzik, and Menachem are arguing over whether a certain item of food is kosher or not. David and Menachem hold that the food is not kosher, and have a whole list of examples de’orayta and de’rabanan to back their viewpoint up. Itzik holds that the food is kosher, and has his own wealth of de’orayta and de’rabanan citations to fall back on.

The debate rages on for days, with no indication that they’ll ever reach a consensus. Finally, exhausted and at his wits’ end, Itzik shouts to the sky, “If I am right, let HaShem Himself declare it so!”

The rabbis’ mouths open wide as the clouds above part, a ray of light comes down from the Heavens, and a thundering voice calls out, “Rabbi Itzik is correct! The food is kosher and so can be eaten!”

Rabbi David shrugs and says, “Eh, so now it’s tied.”

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The Donetsk temporary government isn’t a recognized governmental organization. These leaflets don’t have any legal standing. While there is a lot of antisemitism in Ukraine, and many minority ethnic groups are concerned for their safety, this isn’t official by any means. It’s pretty inflammatory for a US newspaper to be publishing this without that information.

Wow thank you for that info! I couldn’t really tell from the article how much official backing the group distributing the pamphlets had.

I think that when people using force get involved whether or not the leaflets are “official” is going to be a moot point. There is a threat of violence more than implied here. I think it is pretty dismissive to pretend that this isn’t a situation for concern. People directly affected are scared for their safety.

Did you actually read the article? It pretty clearly stated that this is an intimidation tactic similar to those used in the past. Nobody said there are literally lines of Jews registering for anything right now (nor did it say which faction is responsible for sure), but if your first impulse is not to see how horrifying this is and what it could mean for the future of Ukrainian Jewry but to chastise a pretty fair article for being ~inflammatory~, then your priorities suck

Man if this happened in America I’m pretty sure this post would already contain at least 50 Holocaust references, 10 quotes from Orwell and a general direction to flee the police state while you still can

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Are you fucking kidding me? Did we all just wake up in 1938?

The fuck is this?

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I was googling Alexander Siddig Doctor Strange to see if this was a thing that was actually happening, and google autocompleted with Alexander Siddig Doctor Who and

Talk about something I didn’t know I wanted.

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Alright, folks. I need your help. There is an 18-year-old woman who needs help funding her abortion. We’ve only got a couple of days to raise the money, so signal boost this if you can.

"I was approached today by my friend whose 18 year old sister is 4.5 months pregnant and in need of an abortion. The cost of the abortion is $3,200 and she needs to raise $2,200 for the abortion alone. Her abortion is this Thursday. So this is an emergency drive. She will have to drive 250 miles one way in order to get the abortion, so the figure of $2,200 does not cover gas or housing. Abortion access is under attack throughout the United States, and expecially in Texas. Help this person be able to access what should be a basic human right. Anything helps!"

$550 and one day left. Please

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Please. Someone make this happen. Please.

can we also do this for pro-lifers? 

no, seriously. this would be awesome. like, if the contestants are able go two months living under 100% biblical laws, then the producers will give them $30,000 each. 

but if the contestants break the rules, or back out of the show, then THEY have to donate 10,000 to a marriage equality organization.

at some point somebody is going to break a rule that, by biblical law, is punishable by stoning. so the rest of the contestants have to make the choice of forfeiting the contest, or stoning the person to death. if they stay, the producers have them arrested for attempted murder.  


Can we not?

Seriously, can we just not?

There is a whiff of antisemitism to these sorts of things — that “Biblical law” is so impossible that no-one could possibly live with it.  Nevermind that Orthodox Jews have, can, and do, on a daily basis, live within Biblical law as defined in the Hebrew Bible and refined through centuries of lived experience and rabbinical commentary.  But Christian thinkers and theologians decided in the early days of the Church that Jewish Law was impossible to keep, that it was slavery and death, and that dismissal of the Jewish tradition has sustained so much of Christian debate and Christian attitudes towards the Hebrew Bible.  It has spread into ostensibly secular culture — secular, but clearly Gentile — with assertions like these.  Because the “Old Testament” is just impossible, amirite?  I mean, who doesn’t mix their fibers?!

Just stop it.  I know it’s tempting.  I know you want those scummy homophobes who wrap themselves in their translation of the Bible and images of white Jesus to justify their sanctimonious bulllshit to realise just how much of Biblical law they’re ignoring, how hypocritical they are.  But by whipping out the old chestnut of “Biblical law is impossible, no-one can do it, it’s just too hard and too demanding,” you ignore the whole history of Jewish practice and Jewish thought on the matter, trumpeting the supersessionist ideals about Christianity even as you’re trying to show how much bullshit Christians say.

So no.  This would not be awesome.  It would be another way to show what Christians think about the Jewish traditions they’ve taken, claimed, warped, and treated as lesser, ridiculous, and impossible.  And nobody needs that.  Not the lgbtq community.  Not the Christian community.  And certainly not the Jewish community — many of whom already grapple with Biblical law and the realities of being queer.  So no.  Just stop it.

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My girlfriend and I are splitting up and I need to move out on my own as soon as possible. We live together currently and share most expenses, but I need this to not be the case anymore. I could really use some help emotionally and if you can make a small donation to my paypal to help cover the…

I am so grateful to everyone who has given me support and donations :) a little update for now would be I’m looking for affordable housing apartments in downtown seattle. I’m planning to move into something by the middle of May, hopefully. I’ll be having a friend of mine as a roommate and if all goes well we can afford living expenses. If people would still like to donate I would love you forever. I need to cover several large bills by the end of May, like rent for my current place, pet deposits, first months rent for the new apartment. Moving costs?

Ugh it’s just a lot. Thank you for everything :)

One week.