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I hoped I wouldn’t have to do this for a while yet, but financial aid money doesn’t last long when you’re poor and desperately in debt. :/

So yeah, I’m still disabled (and thus unemployed), and still need a way to pay rent / bills / debt / etc.; also, I will be out of meds in a couple of weeks. The good news is, I can get my meds for cheap(ish); the bad news is, no income still equals no money. Could you please help me out and/or signal-boost if you can? Thanks much. <3

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do you ever think of the deliberate classism in the prices of allergy-free foods because they’re considered to be for health trends for the rich rather than a necessity for poor individuals with severe food allergies who actually need them 

because i do

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Hey folks, any boosts or donations would be seriously appreciated.

If you have money, please send some to help my girlfriend Pazi, she’s a thoroughly amazing person + people have given her an incredibly rotten time over this and other stuff lately

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Hey folks, any boosts or donations would be seriously appreciated.

If you have money, please send some to help my girlfriend Pazi, she’s a thoroughly amazing person + people have given her an incredibly rotten time over this and other stuff lately

Update: Holy cow $700 in three days. o.o Probably be at 10% really soon. Thank you so much, folks. Gonna try not to be too obnoxious about the reblogging but this is going well.

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capitalists: *replace workers with machines to increase profits*

capitalists: *realize that because they’re paying less wages, less money is in circulation, and that the economy requires market transactions to function*

capitalists: *reduce mechanization, thereby halting progress, or scramble to make up pointless jobs for workers to perform to earn a wage*

capitalists: *completely fine with the fact that this system forces people to perform increasingly unnecessary and demeaning work rather than using the advances of technology to free workers from labor*

capitalists: Capitalism is required for innovation

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The homestuck fandom is awake.
This site is wrecked.

Cry havoc, and let slip the hamfisted cliches.

Oh that this too too solid flesh would melt

and resolve into a goddamn upd8 already


I am but BARK BARK BARK north-by-northwest. When the windy thing is southerly, I know a crow from a half-sword.


Random memories of being a young, pre-transition woman on the internet. Partially brought on by reminders of CAFAB folk complaining that terminology has changed and the words they use “used to be perfectly acceptable in the trans community.”

I think about the slang we used. In spaces that were mostly consisting of trans women (mostly white middle-to-upper-class ones; made participation a little weird when on some level you knew you didn’t fit here but hadn’t received any other models or outcomes/expectations from a comparable peer group… but still, spaces where we’d gather to talk amongst ourselves without direct input from cis folk), we’d still use all this ciscentric terminology that had formed more or less organically.

GG was “genetic girl”, even though almost none of us knew the first thing about genetics, let alone developmental biology. As in “Are you sure you’re not GG?” to someone whose appearance let them get read as cis a lot. There was no single consistent set of words we’d use for ourselves; debates about “transgender” versus “transgendered” were low-key but ubiquitous. A lot of people still preferred “transsexual.” “MTF/M2F” and their longhand equivalents were fairly standard; we would debate endlessly about the significance of that M but it seemed like anyone who dared to suggest it was irrelevant to their lives or identities — not in the sense that society makes it so, but in terms of how “real” it was — was dismissed as loopy and in denial. Almost nobody ever just called themselves a “woman” without some kind of caveat (“transsexual woman”; trans-as-prefix hadn’t really caught on in a consistent way yet), or as part of a performative speech act (“the woman I know myself to be” was a common phrasing for newcomers on these forums). You’d get some folks who did it, but they were often challenged. Or they were “True Transsexual” types wanting to police who was even legitimate in the first place, and they’d declare the rest of us to be drag queens or just mentally-ill.

We’d pigeonhole ourselves and draw all these boxes around our own lives, exclude ourselves from “real” womanhood because cis women hadn’t received us well even as we insisted on our right to “self-identify” in a kind of wishy-washy way.

Most of it got back to medical logic. Our language was geared around WPATH requirements — it was called the Harry Benjamin Standard in those days — and around the presumption that we were seeking a very normative path to transition, culminating in surgery. Dysphoria was more or less taken as read, even when folks who didn’t experience that spoke up. Nobody really listened to or amplified their voices. Trans men and trans women tended to frequent different spaces; while there were some rather more mixed fora, there was seldom much common ground.

It was also just classist and white-supremacist as hell (in that low key, default way everything is — they weren’t like, holding Stormfront style discussions on there but it was still pretty goddamn awful towards trans women of color).

It’s hard to understate just how damaging that all was. Even in the spaces where we went to take a break from the oppressive grind and just socialize or help each other out, we were doing it to ourselves. There’s nothing wrong or contemptible about just trying to survive, and you don’t need to participate in whatever academically-inflected form of discourse to have a worthwhile opinion on this subject… but fuck, the stuff that “used to be acceptable” was toxic as hell. I won’t call the current terminological dissensus (if you think tumblr/SJWs/whatever have forced a unity of terminology there, LOL you have another thing coming, terminology is still a live wire in some spaces) a perfect alternative, but it’s lightyears beyond where we were.

I just… can’t understand why you’d want to go back to that. Unless maybe it was working for you all along, and if that’s the case, maybe take a look at the receipt. Someone paid for that.


Someone asked me a while ago what it was like to transition in that era, and I answered “Just barely possible”.


To everybody looking at this,

I was raped a few weeks ago by my ex-bf and found myself kicked out the next day by my ‘friend’ since he couldn’t handle the emotional turmoil. I have PTSD, and with the stress of homelessness along with what happened to me I couldn’t cope and I went to my parents for 2 weeks so I could process. 

I’ll be returning to Seattle on the 27th of this month and I’m scared to death. I’m terrified of having to go back to sex work, which I not only want to do but can’t do considering the situation. The max I could pay is $450 a month but I couldn’t do that full amount right now (I’d have to pay it off). I’m pretty desperate and had horrible experiences in shelters. 

I’m pretty quiet, extremely clean, and self sufficient. I have access to food stamps and reduced bus fare due to my disability. I’m asking alot but I want to get across that I won’t be a burden aside from this housing situation. 

I’d be extremely grateful and I thank anyone who bothers to read this. 


909 744-2150

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Hey folks, any boosts or donations would be seriously appreciated.




to anyone having a bad day im so sorry also here are some pictures of baby elephants 






feel better friend

The one of the baby elephant sitting under a waterfall and smiling…😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩😩
babycakesbriauna nikkisshadetree pearlouslyclosetotheedge

I need this in my life…always!

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s/o to all the jews with and recovering from eating disorders.

s/o to the jews with and recovering from eating disorders who aren’t fasting this year for their own health and mental wellbeing. it’s a difficult decision to make, but you guys aren’t any less jewish because of it. props to u for doing what’s best for your health.

s/o to the jews with and recovering from eating disorders who have reached a point where they’re able to fast anyway. go you!!!

s/o to all the jews, at any place in their recovery. i know the high holidays can be a minefield of triggers, but it’s gonna be a good new year.

i wish i could find it right now, but i saw this great elucidation / analysis by a rabbi who said that since the point of abstaining from food is not about the food itself, but rather is about the very act of abstaining, Jews with eating disorders could be considered to be within tradition by abstaining from something else, or by abstaining from self-harm, etc.



what the fuck was that episode of Gravity Falls

just… skip Soos and the Real Girl, it’s a misogynist (and briefly transmisogynist) train wreck

um attempt to explain why i found it so gross below the cut (though now I’m second-guessing myself and wondering if it was actually that bad of course…)

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I’m opening commissions!

You’d get something like in these examples: A coloured drawing with minimal/no background. 
(though you could have black&white, too, if that’s what you prefer!)

My prices: 
- Bust / Pose where the legs are cut off: 10€ (or 13$); for the addition of another character +5€ (+7$) 
- Full Body: 15€ (or 20$); for the addition of another character +8€ (+10$) 
(to pay up front and per PayPal)


To order send a mail to

I’ll need:
- a description of your commission idea 
- clear visual references for OC or characters I’m unlikely to know 
- additional text descriptions of characters are appreciated

Check the Slot Status
Read the TOS for further information

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i think my favorite part of the giant new iphones bending in owners’ pockets is this tweet:

Love the apologists saying “well duh, just don’t put your iPhone in your pocket!” What, am I supposed to buy a purse? #bendgate

— Brian Hough (@bwhough)

because for one shining moment, men’s easy access to pants with pockets big enough to hold a 5.5-inch phone worked against them

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ironically, enforcing the idea that Youre Only Gay And Trans If You Cant Stop Thinking About It only further reinforces the idea that being cishet IS the default, IS the norm, that if you dont feel REALLY REALLY OVERWHELMINGLY not cishet you cant be queer or trans and its like, that way of thinking, that “exclusive club” mentality aint helpin nobody

society is VERY GOOD at making you feel like you arent queer or trans because a) it doesnt tell you about these identities in depth in the first place and b) it encourages you NOT to be gay or trans at all costs, so its no wonder so many people either bury any queer/trans feelings they might have (like I did) or just not even…realize these things about themselves because theres nothing for them to identify with since we are taught from pre-birth to be straight and cis

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