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autistic, spoonie (hypermobility and sensory issues), vaguely jewish, trans

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Good night tumblr. It has been a very long day. Your cheers and well wishes helped me get through it. Hoping to get some proper sleep now.

A kindly old man who I assume volunteers for the hospital just came by with a book and magazine cart and loaned me a book about an advocacy lawyer named Teresa.


A friend in Oklahoma City wants to get started on transitioning, and they’ve asked if I knew of any good resources, such as reputable therapists, doctors, endocrinologists and so on. I’d like to help them with this. Does anyone in the area have any recommendations? Feel free to send me a private ask if you’d prefer.

Today has been difficult in new and interesting ways but I’m getting through it okay!

I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this happy.


Glad to hear things went well so far! Hope you get well soon :)

eeee this is amazing! Look at these two adorable moirails. Thank you for the lovely artwork of my OTP, Chamlis :-) I love the height difference and hair styles!


congrats from me and the cat :-)

aaaa thank you Maxx and Maxx’s human. This is lovely! What a nice surprise to find in my inbox after surgery.

I’m really happy right now.

Your heroine, attended by Turtley and the golden dragon. (And the ferret holding the camera.)

In recovery, past the sensory overload from the recovery room, sipping ginger ale and working on regulating temperature. Nap time soon.

… Oops, and there goes the ginger ale because she dozed off. Good job, brave heroine! Nap mightily! — Gement

Dr. Rumer just let me know everything went great. R should be awake in about an hour, at which point I cannot promise bleary selfies, but will certainly encourage them. — Gement

In my hospital gown and booties. Look, you can see my hairy hippy legs.

I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be waiting so I’m signing off for now. gement will be posting updates on my behalf here on my blog and twitter.

You are all wonderful. Thank you all for your support. It means a lot to me.

Day before surgery. Almost too tired to be scared. Gonna wear my Batman leggings to my pre-op exam.



hey guys!! so as you all know, me and my boyfriend shannon have been together for over two years now. he’s an amazing man and works really hard to achieve the things he wants in life. lately things have been very rough for him. after recently coming out as trans*, he’s been battling daily with extreme dysphoria and other body-image related issues, and it only adds onto to his struggle with depression and anxiety. shannon wants top surgery, (a mastectomy) which is the surgical removal of the breasts. but money is an issue for him and his mother, because they can’t even afford groceries at his house. so he’s been binding his chest for 6-8 months to make his breasts less noticeable but it actually makes him more dysphoric because its just a reminder of what he has to put his body through just to look passable. if you didnt already know, binding can cause serious health risks, including lung problems, back problems, decreased blood flow to the heart, blood clots, bruising, and even broken ribs.  i care so much for him and his health and mental well-being, so it would mean the literal world if you could donate to his top surgery fund. any amount would mean so much to us. we really need your help and we really appreciate any you could give. thank you so much guys. and even if you can’t donate, reblogging this as a signal boost to spread the word would be amazing. here is the link to my blog, please click the donate button. any amount you could give would help so much.

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My 'mones shirt arrived from pupandfawn!


Rabbis David, Itzik, and Menachem are arguing over whether a certain item of food is kosher or not. David and Menachem hold that the food is not kosher, and have a whole list of examples de’orayta and de’rabanan to back their viewpoint up. Itzik holds that the food is kosher, and has his own wealth of de’orayta and de’rabanan citations to fall back on.

The debate rages on for days, with no indication that they’ll ever reach a consensus. Finally, exhausted and at his wits’ end, Itzik shouts to the sky, “If I am right, let HaShem Himself declare it so!”

The rabbis’ mouths open wide as the clouds above part, a ray of light comes down from the Heavens, and a thundering voice calls out, “Rabbi Itzik is correct! The food is kosher and so can be eaten!”

Rabbi David shrugs and says, “Eh, so now it’s tied.”

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